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Price iCook® 27-piece Cookware Set

iCook® 27-piece Cookware Set


iCook® 27-piece Cookware Set
From iCook

Product Description

You've found the most versatile iCook Cookware Set. It starts with the 16 basic pieces, then adds the 5-piece stainless steel Sauté Pan Set and 6-piece Nonstick Frypan Set. The Sauté Pan Set is perfect for simmering, braising and reheating, and includes two lids and a dome lid. The Nonstick Frypan Set - with tempered glass lids - is just the ticket for meats, eggs, pancakes, and other foods where sticking is not an option.The 27-piece set includes:2- and 3-qt. Saucepans with Lids8-qt. Dutch Oven with LidPasta Insert with RingSteamer/Grater InsertSenior Dome Lid1-, 2-, and 3-qt. Mixing Bowls with Plastic Lids8-in. Nonstick Frypan with Lid10-in. Nonstick Frypan with Lid12-in. Nonstick Frypan with Lid2 quart saute pan with Lid3 quart saute pan with LidJunior Dome LidBenefitsThe iCookTM 27-piece Cookware Set includes:Exclusive technologies that make cooking healthier and cleanup easier.Multi-ply construction with a carbon-steel core for even heat distribution and inner and outer layers of 18/10 surgical-grade stainless steel.OptitempTM fully encapsulated cooking base that improves heat distribution by 92% over Queen Cookware and works with any style cooktop.The ease of stack cooking, which will help you save space.The VitalockTM cooking method, which locks in one-third more nutrients, without added fats or unnecessary water.The DuramicTM nonstick coating on iCook Nonstick Frypans, which is 50% stronger than QuanTanium† finish.Ergonomic handle designs to make everything easy to grip and use.Set configurations for the way people cook today, including a unique pasta insert with ring, for draining pasta easily. The set also comes with a convenient steamer/grater insert to steam veggies, or grate cheese or chocolate right into the pan.†Trademark: QuanTanium (Whitford Worldwide Co., Wilmington, Del.).

Product Details

  • Amazon Sales Rank: #377436 in Kitchen & Housewares
  • Brand: iCook


  • The best technology available - DURAMICTM Exclusive 3-layer nonstick DURAMIC coating is reinforced internally and externally for durability.
  • Healthier cooking - VITALOCKTM VITALOCK cooking method locks in nutrients, flavor, and color.
  • Improved performance - OPTITEMPTM base OPTITEMP base ensures evenly cooked meals on any cook top.
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